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Sebring Regional Airport

Avon Park Air Force Range

Ensure a Smooth Landing For Your Next Training Mission

Avon Park Air Force Range
Avon Park, Florida

Avon Park: An Ideal Training Location
Looking for the best place to hold your next training mission? Consider Avon Park Air Force Range. At 164 square miles, it's the largest gunnery and bombing range east of the Mississippi. Plus, its location is far removed from bright city lights, making it ideal for black sky night operations.

There's a new bridge over Arbuckle Creek into the Avon Park Air Force Range.
Now, the base has a two-lane concrete and steel bridge capable of allowing two-axle trucks up to 23 tons and three-axle trucks up to 26 tons for a three-axle truck to cross.

The completed two-lane span arches higher than the old bridge, giving better clearance for boaters,too. Now even mobile rocket launchers can travel over the new the bridge.

The base has also just improved its hangar facilities and lengthened its runway, too.

Fueling is Easy
JetA is available 24/7, 365 days a year, right on the range or at nearby Sebring Regional Airport.

Fueling at Sebring Regional Airport
0800 - 1800 Monday - Friday
0800 - 1700 Saturday - Sunday

Special Hours on Request:
863.655.6455 After Hours
863-381-3502 Mobile